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Intenze Tattoo Ink, 1 Oz Bottle, All Colors

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Item #ColorWeight
in oz
INK-INTZ-1-AQUAMARINE aquamarine1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-AUBURN auburn1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-BABY BLUE baby blue1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-BAHAMA BLUE bahama blue1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-BAMBOO bamboo1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-BANANA CREAM bananna cream1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-BLUE SKY blue sky1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-BLUESILVER Blue Silver1ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-BRIGHT ORANGE bright orange1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-BRIGHT RED bright red1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-CAROLS PINK carol's pink1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-CHERRY BOMB cherry bomb1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-COCO coco1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-CREAMSICKLE creamsickle1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-DARK BROWN dark brown1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-DARK CHOCOLATE dark chocolate1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-DARK GREEN dark green1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-DARK PURPLE dark purple1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-DARK RED dark red1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-DRAGON GREEN dragon green1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-FLESH flesh1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-FLESHPOT fleshpot1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-FUSCHIA fushia1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-GOLDEN YELLOW golden yellow1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-GRAPE grape1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-GRASSHOPPER GREEN grasshopper green1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-HARD ORANGE hard orange1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-HUNTER GREEN hunter green1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-KOOLAID koolaid1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-LAVENDER lavender1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-LEMON YELLOW lemon yellow1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-LIGHT BROWN light brown1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-LIGHT GREEN light green1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-LIGHT MAGENTA light magenta1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-LIGHT PURPLE light purple1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-LIME GREEN lime green1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-LOLLIPOP lollipop1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-MARIOS BLUE marios blue1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-MARIOS LT BLUE marios lt blue1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-MEDIUM BROWN medium brown1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-MUSTARD mustard1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-PATTY Patty's Orange1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-PEACH peach1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-PERIWINKLE periwinkle1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-PLATINUM platinum1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-ROSE PINK rose pink1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-SEA FOAM GREEN sea foam green1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-SIENNA sienna1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-SILVER silver1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-SNOW WHITE MIXING snow white mixing1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-SNOW WHITE OPAQUE snow white opaque1 oz$9.75
INK-INTZ-1-SOFTORANGE soft orange1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-SOLDIERGREEN Soldier Green1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-SUNBURN sunburn1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-TANGERINE tangerine1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-TEAL teal1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-TRUE BLACK true black1 ozOut of stock
INK-INTZ-1-TRUE MAGENTA true magenta1 oz$9.75

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